What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

Analyze problems

to see how mechanical and thermal devices can help solve them.

Design mechanical divides

using analysis and computer-aided programs.

Investigate and diagnose

faulty operations and recommend remedies.


and test prototype of their designs.

MIT Mechanical Engineering - Youtube Channel

MIT First-Year Students Learn through Creation

Class 2.00a, Fundamentals of Engineering Design: Explore Space, Sea and Earth, empowers first-year students to conceptualize, design, and build machines early in their academic careers at MIT.

The Birth of a Hands-On Education

Coming to life in the 1970s with then-instructor Professor Emeritus Woodie Flowers at the lead, 2.007 was at the forefront of a revolution in engineering education, becoming one of the first hands-on classes to teach students not only how to design an object but also how to build it.

This is engineering at MIT

We identify problems, and we come up with solutions. Sometimes the first idea doesn't work out, but we always learn.

MIT’s first-ever virtual robot competition

MIT faculty and staff reimagine an iconic mechanical engineering class - 2.007 (Design and Manufacturing I) - so students can go head-to-head in the final robot competition from their dorm rooms, apartments, or homes across the country.

What Happens at an MIT Hackathon

On a Saturday night in Cambridge, students can choose from any number of activities. At MIT, Hacking Arts—whose mission is to “ignite entrepreneurship and innovation within the creative arts”—is one of them. In this short film, The Atlantic followed students at the all-nighter as they tried to improve the arts through technology.

Hacking Assistive Technology for Lilly

MIT students gain new perspective on how their assistive technology designs can improve the lives of others while building a new walker for 9-year-old Lilly during the annual ATHack-a-thon.